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3 DIY projects to try at home right now

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Only a few painting and staging time slots remain available for the Brighton, MI area in time for Christmas and New Year.

But what about Thanksgiving work? While Jenkins Interiors is not able to meet that request, there are a few DIY things you might consider doing right now to dress your home up a bit.

1) Taking on a full painting job including the walls is a big task before Thanksgiving-but consider the trim. Don't go all in on a new color, but consider color matching the existing color, and repainting the trim around most frequently used doorways and edges.

2) Freshen up with a painted relatively small area such as a back entryway.

3) Accessorize your home with a fresh new color-then use that as your jumping off point if you are ready for painting services in the future.

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